A Living Yes message to both sides:

Part One: To the Never Trump voters:

Did the election results surprise you? Did you have an emotional reaction (fear, confusion, frustration, disappointment)?

Do you feel separated? Is your mind on overdrive? Are racking your brain to “figure it out?” Are you curled up in a ball? Are you fantasizing about plans to escape? Are you numbing out?

When you think of our future President Trump, do you feel fear, confusion, frustration, disappointment?

This is a chance to adjust your previous expectations to reality. This is an opportunity to recognize the expectations you were holding. Today's work is to expect nothing.

When we expect an outcome and it doesn’t happen, Life hits us on the head. Failed expectations result in frustration or disappointment. When expectations are not met, we often fight and say “No” to the experience. These feelings of frustration or disappointment offer us a clue that points to a Life lesson.” (Living Yes, page 14)

You may not like the outcome, but the universe is offering you a gift. Be a human and face the music. Reality is what reality is. Accept it fully.

If you need more, reread the first two chapters of Living Yes.

Part Two: To the Trump voters:

Enjoy your euphoria and connection, but be wary of expectations. Riding them too far can lead you to believe in a false reality. Let your watchwords be “compassion” and “balance.” Today's work is to expect nothing.

May we all strive to Live Yes in our new reality!

love and light,