I was telling my friend, Antoine, about my beautiful Sunday morning in Chicago. I had thirty minutes outside in the warm sun, feeling grateful for life and was completely fulfilled.

“Did you feel like you were enlightened?” he asked. I replied:

“I believe we are all enlightened. It was a moment where I got out of my own way. My mind was not resisting, and no obstacles were in view.” (Yeah, like that song.)

To be obvious, I am not claiming permanent enlightenment. I understand that I will be ensnared by delusion again. I am claiming three simple truths:

1. You are already enlightened.

2. You can get out of your own way and fully realize yourself at any moment. (Live Yes)

3. The universe is doing everything it can to reveal this beautiful existence to each of us.

What about you? Do you realize these truths?

Are you willing to let the resistance step aside?

Will you allow the light to flow through you?

It’s not easy, but it’s simple. You know what to do. You have the handbook: it’s Living Yes.

Read it or read it again. Practice the exercises in the workbook that you downloaded from www.livingyes.org. Read the Living Yes Principles every day.

And “practice, practice, practice, until it becomes your practice.”

Look at the photograph. The guy wearing blue won the race!

It’s about wanting it. Are you willing to make the effort? As I ask in the introduction of Living Yes, “Do you want a huge leap forward in your power and appreciation for Life?” The answer to this question must be “Yes!” The alternative is unacceptable. But you have to really want it. You already have the tools to act.

Are you ready?

Take three conscious breaths, and review your Living Yes resources now.

Love and Light,